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Welcome to High Dragon Limited !

Experts in Trade & Sourcing from China.


You wish to :

- Manufacture or Import goods at the best price ?

- Ensure your purchases are compliant ?

- Extend your market with China?


=> We are here to assist you in every step ...



◼ Full Trade Management:

Businessrama assists Importers in their whole process of sourcing from order management to final delivery :

* Search Reliable Suppliers
* Manufacturer Audits
* Quality Inspections
* Lab Testings & Certifications
* Pre-Shipment Control
* Logistics management
* Consulting ...



◼ Market Consulting:


Dealing with a new market or even launching a new product, requires a careful study of local standards among other factors.

Our experts will guide you to conduct your projects the best way, while optimizing costs and reducing risks.


Making your procurement process straightforward !