Full-Service Sourcing Partner in China:


High Dragon Co. Ltd. Group, provides full Sourcing, Quality Inspection, Logistic Optimization and Consulting services from China to overseas customers.


Because of the important risks involved in trade with Asia, a reliable sourcing representative is necessary to overcome barriers of communication, but also avoid negligence and manufacturing problems in the real world.


● FOR IMPORTERS: We bring our procurement expertise of the Chinese market, to represent buyers in all trade operations and facilitate their merchandise delivery at destination.

An end-to-end purchase management that includes: Reliable Manufacturer Verification, Contract Negotiation, Quality Inspections Before Shipment, Best Transport Solution and Customs Clearance Supervision.

● FOR EXPORTERS & ENTREPRENEURS: We assist corporations establish their branch and sell their products in China.
Through our network of partners, we offer the help foreign companies need to start, run and operate their business.


In addition, we can organize and plan all sorts of miscellaneous services for your business meetings in China : Translation of Documents, Help by a Qualified Interpreter, Organize Factory Visits or Travels ...